Polar Lights - Marvel Wolverine SNAP Build Kit

  • £24.95

From Marvel Comics Uncanny X-Men comes Wolverine, the fan-favorite mutant as a 1:8 scale snap-together model kit. The model measures 8 1/2 tall with the figure perched on top of a defeated Sentinel robot head. It consists of 39 plastic parts that snap firmly together for a solid result. It is injected in yellow plastic ready for painting, and the adamantium claws feature a chrome finish. Two head options are included to showcase the character in his classic mask or unmasked berserker expression. Pictorial assembly instructions supply the step-by-step guidance needed to put him together.


Polar Lights - 1:8 Scale Kit

Marvel Comics - Wolverine

39 Part Snap Together Plastic Kit with instructions

Moulded in Yellow Plastic

Arrives unpainted

Two head options supplied

With detailed base