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Ah, you wish to purchase this Gizmo shaped mug, young friend? Well, we may be willing to part with it – despite the obvious dangers it holds in store! There are three things you must remember with this mug: do not expose it to bright lights, don’t fill it with water (only coffee or tea!), and never, ever drink out of this mug after midnight!

Okay, corny re-hashing of the main premise of Gremlins aside – this is a pretty funky mug, right? We all loved the cuddly little monster-in-waiting mogwai that was Gizmo when we saw this cult classic when we were kids, so why not have a mug to keep that love alive?

If you’re a child of the eighties or just love weird pseudo-horror/children’s movies (weird that this combination never caught on), the Gizmo shaped mug is a must-have for throwback parties, nostalgia collections or even just as a nice pick-me-up. Order one now and don’t trust it if it comes to you with a stripe on its head!

The Gremlins Gizmo Shaped Mug is an officially licensed Gremlins product and Holds approx. 330 ml. of liquid.

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