Funko - Mystery Mini - Disney - Afternoon Cartoons (Hot Topic Exclusive)

  • £5.95
  • Save £1

Product Features

  • 1.5 inches tall (3.81 cm)
  • Made of vinyl
  • Charming and stylized design
  • Features different characters from Disneys Afternoon TV Lineup!
  • Blind bags with possible variants!
  • Possible blind bag figures include: Baloo, Chip, Dale, Darkwing Duck and more! 
  • Plus chance to get Hot Topic Exclusive Scrooge McDuck, Magica De Spell and Negatron   
Building on the figures found in the 4-inch Funko Pop! Mystery Minis shrinks things even further and adds in a blind-box element. This means that the figure in each box or bag is a surprise until it is actually opened

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