Funko - Marvel Pop! Vinyl - Cyborg Spider-Man #723

  • £19.95

Spider-Man - Cyborg Spider-Man Pop! Vinyl Figure

Ol' Spidey doesn't necessarily need any help slingin' around New York and catching baddies, however, you're not going to turn down the chances of being a Cyborg, are you?!

When Spider-Man and a mercenary named Solo attacked the Sinister Six, Mysterio used his technology to create an illusion that made it appear that Solo was attacking the Sinister Six. However, Solo was actually attacking Spider-Man.

Fortunately, he survived and was rescued by a man named Cyborg X, who took him to a scientist named Oscar McDonnell, and thus Cyborg Spider-Man was born!

Funko's new Cyborg Spider-Man features our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in his kick-ass new form, complete with a metal arm and stitched-up suit.

Add Cyborg Spider-Man to your Funko collection today!

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