Funko Junko - Pop! Protector

  • £2.00

Gloriously Geek Recommends this product!

Keep your precious Pop's from damage and dust with Funko Junkos new ultra-strong protective cases!

The reinforced hardened edges help to significantly reduce the risk of damage when accidentally dropped, and makes Funko Junko protectors the best on the market!
Made from thick 0.50mm PET plastic. Combined with the hardened edges, these protectors are great for keeping your pops safe in shipping.
Extremely easy to put together! The auto-lock bottom locks into place and the top closing tab clicks in and stays in! No need for a flimsy D-Lock as seen on other protectors! Build instructions will be provided with every order.
The inner size of the case fits a standard 4" perfectly, there's no room for movement, so your Pop won't wiggle about. All of our protectors come with a 1-year guarantee.
Small holographic stickers will be provided separately with all orders, and the protectors have NO brand marking on at all.

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