Funko - Asia Pop! Vinyl - Astro Boy #58

  • £39.95

Astro Boy - 2016 Convention Exclusive

“This is what I was created for. This is my destiny.”

Astro Boy, the android with human emotions, fights crime, evil and injustice using his seven superior powers… 100K horsepower strength, jet flight, high intensity lights in his eyes, adjustable hearing, instant language translation, a retractable machine gun in his hips, and a high IQ with the ability to determine if a person is good or evil. Throughout his existence he has suffered with being rejected by his creator and sold to a cruel circus owner, but when he was rescued by Professor Ochanomizu, Astro’s true potential was soon unleashed as he faced intolerance, berserk robots, and alien invaders.

Give Astro Boy the home he deserves with the incredible Funko Pop! in your collection.

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