Funko - Games Pop! Vinyl - Dungeon & Dragons - Minsc & Boo #574

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Launching in 1974, Dungeons & Dragons was the pioneer of the role-playing game industry. Departing from traditional wargaming, D&D allows each player to create their own character to play, embarking upon imaginary adventures within a fantasy setting. The game brought new life to elves, dwarves, tieflings and dragons, and now these creatures can live on in your Funko collection!

This range of Dungeons & Dragons Pop! Vinyl Figures feature three common characters from the game including Asmodeus, the Lord of the Nine Hells who should be regarded with suspicion as he’s likely to try to bargain for your soul. We also have a Mind Flayer, which is not a creature you’d want to meet alone in the Underdark. Oh and rounding out the wave are Minsc and Boo, who might seem like unlikely companions as a human ranger and miniature giant space hamster, but they will have your back in any fight against evildoers, you know, like those other two.

Not only will these Dungeons & Dragons Pop! Vinyls make for awesome display pieces, but who is to say they can’t be used during actual gameplay? Pop! D&D? Sign us up!

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