Funko - Animation Pop! Vinyl - The Simpsons - Evil Groundskeeper Willie #824 (Exclusive)

  • £29.95

“I’ll strike, where you cannot protect them… in their dreams!”

It's the annual tradition every Simpsons fan can't wait for, where our favourite four-fingered family step outside the normal parameters of reality and terrify us with three bone-chilling (yet hilarious) horror stories to celebrate Halloween. It's, of course, the Treehouse Of Horror specials!

Here we have Groundskeeper Willie as Freddy Krueger, as seen in Treehouse of Horror VI’s Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace, which sees Willie slaughter the children of Springfield in their dreams, that is until he meets his match… Maggie’s pacifier. He comes complete with his striper sweater and armed with his rake.

This Pop! Comes with a Free Pop! Protector, Protect all your Pops! with an Ultimate Guard Case add here!

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