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Happy New Year from everyone at Gloriously Geek!

We started trading in Oct 2018 and honestly cannot believe the support, well wishes and customer feedback we have had in such a short time.

Heading into 2019 we hope to grow and expect to see new gifts, apparel and collectables arriving soon as well as new competitions and exclusive deals!

To kick start the new year we have Lowered the price of all our T-Shirts now to £9.95 each! So now is a great time to show of your Geek ID with a huge selection from Marvel, DC, Harry Potter and more!

While we don't have any pop-up shops planned heading into the new year after the success that was out Blyth residency if anything changes you will hear about it first and keep up with all the latest going on at Gloriously Geek by following us on Facebook and Instagram!

Here's to a Glorious 2019! - Mick

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