Back to the Lockdown! Part 2...

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We now go live to Prime Minister Boris Johnson...🔒
Good day, I'm here today to announce that while we enter a new phase of lockdown restrictions here in the UK, Gloriously Geek is today offering an automatic discount to customers near and far with 10% OFF every order from now, until the end of lockdown 2: electric boogaloo! I now hand over to my esteemed colleague Mick from Gloriously Geek, to discuss further...but remember this simple 3 step guide to shopping online at, Buy Gifts, Buy Apparel, and of course Buy Collectables! Thank you...

Thank you Prime Minister, Yes that's right we have a huge array of Geeky Gifts for all the family and you can take advantage of this deal and use our 1.2 billion pound LAYBUY system to reduce the cost of your order into 6 small weekly repayments, we aim to carry on operating as normal as we can, but reviewing the graphs and data from Lockdown 1, you can see that there could be delays in package arrivals with the high volume entering courier services at this time...
As the Prime Minister rightly pointed out this is a socially distanced automatic discount that will be added to your cart on checkout, no need to type in a code, this will reduce the contact of your fingers on the keyboard or reduce the extra touching of your phone or tablet...
We thank you for your continued support through these tough times, and on the road to Geekmas we hope we can get back to some normality, until then, Stay Safe, Stay Home, Be Glorious, Be Geek 🤓👍
Regards, Boris and Mick

Discount goes live 00:01am 5th November 2020 and ends whenever lockdown ends!

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